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Purpose of the system

The purpose of the system is to optimize the bank accounts creation process for an organization. The system will be designed to do a whole lot more than just reduce paper work. It will make a significant contribution to a company’s sales and marketing activities.


Reasons why we have come up with BACPS

  • In most banks, customers have to personally visit the bank with their nominees to be able to create a new account. This is quite time consuming as customers have to wait for some time before receiving feedback.
  • Lose of documents. Sometimes one of the management team members may be too busy to handle forms and customers are requested to turn up the following day. This may lead to misplacement or even lose of account opening forms.
  • Cost of processing account opening forms is high. Sometimes account opening forms may be unavailable, forcing customers to postpone the whole process

About Us


BACPS is an online system that enables to customers open new bank accounts online rather than open the accounts manually. The system proves as a major help to customers as it saves time. Customers are able to create bank accounts from anywhere, anytime, compared to the manual system whereby customers are required to personally visit the bank, together with their nominees for them to be able to open new accounts. The BACPS will also reduce the workload of the management as it does not require any paper work. It will reduce the processing time hence enabling customers to receive immediate feedback, compared to the manual system.


  • To provide a highly secure and scalable account opening system.
  • To provide a faster, and cost-effective system, and faster generation of reports.
  • To help customer open accounts easily.
  • To help in managing and viewing details of customers by the admin.
  • To sort and filter customers based on some criteria.


To be a leading bank account numbers generator


To provide customers a quick account numbers generation


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